Are you signed up for the Wayne County Challenge?

You may be asking yourself  “What is the Wayne County Challenge?”.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  So here is a quick guide to the Wayne County Challenge and what it can do for you.

The Wayne County Challenge is a series of seven 5K’s and one 7K all around Wayne County that start in May and run through December.  It’s a great opportunity to get out, get some exercise, meet new people, and support some great local causes.  You don’t have to be a runner to enjoy the Wayne County Challenge, there are lots of people that enjoy just walking the courses at their own pace.

Also, keep in mind, you don’t have to do EVERY race.  You can choose to be a part of any of the Wayne County Challenge races.  However, if you do commit to several, you receive points for every race and you just may end up winning an award for your age division at the end of the season.  If you really feel committed, you can buckle down and complete all 8 races.  This is called “Elite 8″.  Not many people make it to Elite 8 status, but you can do it.  It’s not reserved for just runners, even a steady walker can receive this prestigious award.

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Here is your complete description of all Wayne County Challenge races and what they support:

Girls Inc. 5k – Saturday, May 17th – Middlefork Reservoir -This course is a flat and fast run through the Oak Park neighborhood – Entry fee is usually around $15 and all proceeds benefit Girls Inc. programs

Fireworks 5K – Saturday, June 28th – Glen Miller Park – This is a moderately challenging course through Glen Miller park.  Expect hills – Entry fee is around $18 and all proceeds benefit the local city fireworks

Run With The Wolves 5K – Saturday, July 26th – I.U. East cross country course – This course may look flat, but don’t let it fool you.  It’s all grass and very unforgiving, making for a moderately challenging 5K – Entry fee is around $18 and all proceeds benefit athletic programs at I.U. East (also be sure to stick around for some great door prizes)

Jubilee Days 5K – Saturday, August 9th – Hagerstown High School cross country course – Consider this your “badge of honor” race.  The mega hills, the heat, and the grass course make this by far the most challenging race in the series.  That being said, keep in mind the oldest finisher was 84!  Don’t let the beast of 5Ks scare you away.  Entry fee is usually around $15 and all proceeds benefit Hagerstown High School athletics

Firefighter 5k – Saturday, September 6th – Cambridge City Firehouse – This is your chance to shine!  The Firefighter 5K gives you the best chance to make your mark on the series.  The weather is perfect, and the course is flat and super fast.  It’s known as “The Fastest 5K in Wayne County”.  Entry fee is usually around $15 and all proceeds benefit the Cambridge City Fire Dept. (auxiliary)

Fall Foliage 5K – Saturday, October 20th – Cope Environmental Center – Enjoy the beautiful trails of Cope Environmental Center as you wind through changing leaves, a scenic pond, and wonderful fall plants.  This race is as scenic as it is fun and challenging.  Entry fee is usually around $15 and all proceeds benefit programs at Cope Environmental Center

Turkey Chase 7K – Saturday, November 18th – Centerville High School – This is the only 7K in the series.  It’s fairly flat, and fairly fast.  7K may sound like a lot, but in reality it’s only about 1 more mile.  This race provides some great door prizes and excellent trophies.  You may even win a turkey for Thanksgiving!  Entry fee is around $15

Frostbite 5K – Saturday, December 6th – Glen Miller Park – Same course as Fireworks 5K, just starting from behind the band shell stage – The name says it all.  Get ready to run no matter what the December weather has in store.  Just find some people that have run it in the past, and listen to stories of snow, sleet, ice, even a 50 degree breeze!  Don’t miss this chance to brag about the day you braved the cold and completed the last race in the series.  For those that are working towards Elite 8 status, this finish line is the most important of the season.  It represents 8 months of hard work and commitment.   Entry fee is usually around $15

We hope you make the commitment to join the Wayne County Challenge.  It’s a great way to make a commitment and stay healthy.  Plus, you’re guaranteed to make at least 1 new friend along the way.

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