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School Delay and Closings for Thursday, 11/20

Jay School Corporation – 3 hr delay

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Outdoor Pets Needing Shelter

Remember to protect your pets! During a winter storm, it may be easy to forget the needs of pets. However, pets, especially those kept outdoors, should frequently be checked on to ensure their safety. If it is too cold for you to be outside, it is too cold for your pet.

If pets are kept outdoors, provide them with a form of shelter. Heated shelters, such as garages, are preferable.

Give pets fresh water frequently, and have a heat source, if possible, to prevent freezing. Monitor indoor pets when letting them outside. Pets can get cold quickly, so limit their exposure outdoors. Cover their paws and other exposed skin if possible.

The Help The Animals Shelter has some indoor space available if you cannot make other arrangements to protect your outdoor pet.

Help The Animals Shelter
2101 West Main Street
Richmond, IN 47374
Call Jane at 969-4782 or the office at 962-6811