Haunted St. Louis

When the G-Crew got the invite to visit one of the top rated haunted attractions in the country, it wasn't even a question! So, they hopped in the G-Van and drove to St. Louis for "The Darkness", "Creepy World" & "The Lemp Brewery".

Why was it such an easy sale? Well, not only does Hauntworld.com rank "The Darkness" as one of the top haunts int the country, it at also has this to say:

" It’s the most well-known haunted house in the World. In fact, many within the haunted house industry have rated this haunted attraction the BEST in America for its original special FX, Hollywood level detail, and the use of computer generated effects. The Darkness is certainly one of the most celebrated haunted houses in the industry."

Once they saw that, they were all packed up and ready to go!

The night started with a walk through of "The Darkness". This haunt is HUGE and filled with millions of dollars of special effects. You can't trust anything in "The Darkness"! The statues come to life, the walls are never what they seem, and even the floors will fall out from under you. You will never go more then about 3 seconds without being scared. It is easily the most action packed haunt you will ever see! Plus, the unbelievable attention to detail on everything from the sets to the actors will leave you in awe through your entire journey. Just be ready for a total onslaught of fear from start to finish!

After that, it was off to "The Lemp Brewery". This haunt is certainly something special. First of all, you need to do a little research on the Lemp family. Once you read that, you will understand that the terror in "The Lemp Brewery" goes far beyond props and actors. Not only is this haunt underground (which really adds to the atmosphere) but, the truth is, you just might see a real ghost while you walk through. "The Lemp Brewery" is a must see on your haunted tour of St. Louis.

As if all that was not enough, The G-Crew then went to Creepy World. This place is absolutely like no other. Basically, you have about 10 different haunts all connected, and you are totally stuck going through all of them. There is no turning back, and no break. You will see special effects that are usually reserved for the movies. And, as if that's not enough , you even get the chance to jump on the back of a truck and shoot zombies with a paintball gun! Creepy World is super intense, and not for the haunted house novice!

Just listen to what the G-Crew had to say about their experience:

"A terrifying experience where you never know what's real and what's not!"

- Scott Epic

"You will not find better props and special effects at any other haunt in America! Get ready for total sensory overload!"

- Dave Snow

"A scare-filled trip through both nightmares you've already had and ones you certainly will have!"

- Rick Duncan

Take it from the G-Crew. Make your plans, and the short drive to St. Louis for some of the absolute best haunts in the country. Make sure to ask about the combo ticket so you can save money and go to all three!

A huge thanks to the entire crew at "The Darkness" "The Lemp Brewery", and "Creepy World" for being such great hosts. Ray, Denise, Nancy, Jeremy, Lorabelle, and everyone else. Also, a special thanks (and a recommendation) to the Crowne Plaza in Downtown St. Louis for the wonderful accommodations.

Happy Halloween!